20131115-_D4A9667 by michaelleggero
Antarctica reading by henryksadura
Chinstrap Chicks by alanpeterson
A Fight Between Friends by peterjacoby
Boulders Beach Penguins-15091 by KColbyPhotography
The Last Penguin by SeaSlug
Chinstrap mates by lhartney
Penguin Superhighway by alanpeterson
Penguins in the Mist! by kal57
Posing Chinstrap by Kris_M
Chinstrap Penguin Argues with Fur Seal by PhotosbyJLR
Calling to the Sky by alanpeterson
Porposing Chinstrap Penguins by PhotosbyJLR
Chinstrap Penguin Chick by alanpeterson
Work In Progress by SeaSlug
Blending In by peterjacoby
Snow Bird by SeaSlug
Chinstrap Slide by alanpeterson
Cuddle bug by Christysue72
Chinstrap Penguins Cape Lookout 0445.jpeg by BFinkelstein
Chinstrap Penguin 2 Cape Lookout 9904.jpeg by BFinkelstein
penguins on the move by Hillebrand
chinstrap and seal 077 by jamesbrown_2210
Friends by Beyerphoto
Chinstrap Penguin by SeaSlug
Chinstrap Penguin Baily Head 1191.jpeg by BFinkelstein
Strolling in the snow by martyryan1000
Chinstrap with egg by berniemazor
Just Chillin' by Tabithag
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