Path to the Rock by yenaingwynn
Prayer by Aarti_Sachin_Soman
Tomb Raider 1 by FlorenceDinah
Watch Out Ants...Here I Come by windycorduroy
A Buddha Head Wrapped In The Roots Of A Banyan Tree by ulli_p
Banyan Beams by juliebowser
Boca Banyan Blur by kathydaniel
Grandfather Banyan Tree by samhumphreys
Refined Root by DWongPhotos
Glory of the Banyan by PeteSavagePhotos
Baby Banyan by arophoto
DIVINE LIGHT by pranabsasmal
BanyanTree by davelarsen
Banyan Garland by SevenDubruel
Roots by sunilaN
Sprawled by DWongPhotos
Adorable Gecko by windycorduroy
26087131335_6ff08241fc_o by anissa_aus
Banyan tree in Bermuda by mackenzie28
Night of the Banyan by Pastume
Banyan tree by radinadroumeva
Great Banyan by AniruddhaSastikar
Banyan Tree by JensandStef
Lahaina Banyan Tree by markjoseph
Embrace by DWongPhotos
Banyan Tree by RaeZimmerman
BANYAN TREE B&W by Paul_Joslin
Ficus Benghalensis, Banyan Tree and ferns by consuelalg
Banyan Tree Roots by jamesfarnum
Entangled Roots by AniruddhaSastikar
Banyan Treee by stephanieveronique
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