The sound of silence #8 by daniel_anhut
Photo  by Colour_Me_Christal
Joey II, 2017 by daniel_anhut
Wonderland V, 2018 by daniel_anhut
Daniel, 2017 by daniel_anhut
Here and Now by clementinacabral
The Message by caitw
Rusted Windows of Time by sallyG11
Abandoned country house by marilenavaccarini
Forgotten by sallyG11
The past is gone by marilenavaccarini
Rural stone house in the Ligurian hills by marilenavaccarini
Abandoned chapel by marilenavaccarini
Decay by marilenavaccarini
Collapsed oilrig on the Skeleton Coast by nickcalverey
surrendering by melissafarelli
Old stairs by marilenavaccarini
Reflections at sunset by marcogabbuggiani
Breaking apart beautifully  by Amanda_Wakefield
abandonment... by gioulagio
Abandonment, Trinidad 2008 02 by tttony
"Irish cemetery" by marcogabbuggiani
Why? by clementinacabral
Abandoned by johnelfed
Photo  by christalmurdoch
Denise I, 2014 by daniel_anhut
Abandono e clausura by jorgepenedo
"Ex Madhouse Criminal Volterra": Group psychological therapy by marcogabbuggiani
abandonment... by gioulagio
Lushoto farm by nickcalverey
Towering Terror by adrianmurray
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