Abandoned love by rebecca_winning
Abandoned out building  by janadurham
Letchworth Village, Rocland County NY by rachaelgirardconnington
Homestead by terriemcclay_2545
Farming No More by joannecollicottmcguigan
Modern Grunge by rebecca_winning
abandoned catskil resort  by tinamlewis
Come fly with me lola by rebecca_winning
wastelands apocalyse soldier by rcb521
Souless building  by Samborough
Windows by RuthyC
Abandoned grain mill by kevinwiller
abandoned old farmouse falling apart by tinamlewis
Doorway to the Past by williamrussellphotography
Windows by RuthyC
Abandoned Philly by sammyrivera
Station by dianelandro
IMG_1344 by tinamlewis
IMG_3991 by tinamlewis
Abandoned Philly by sammyrivera
Steampunk wedding dress with model Alecia.    Nikon D800e, Tamron 28-75 f-2.8 natural light abandoned warehouse by jimhennessey_9044
Cargills Castle by bekahboo39
In the waters off Venice by giselletopper
New Jersey Abandoned Building by ruicosta
The old abandoned Planetarium by fabflute9
light by dianelandro
Contemplative framing by sheridanrose
Up close and personal  by nebulas_and_blackholes
Abandoned Philly by sammyrivera
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