Sea Otter - Lisbonne by Carolle
Waterproof by Nilesh_P
Jetty Silhouetty! by olliegriffiths
On water, not sea, not lake ... by GinDra
Waterproof by leonardorojas
Self Portrait (Number Whatever) by non_dairy
Inside the Jungle by AndersonBrandolt
Sun, Sea, Silhouette by olliegriffiths
Waterproof roller-skates by josebonilla
Duck On A Milky Lake by kevinhubbard
Bread- Party of 50! by ladysaltfire
Photo  by alexandrelgd
Space Shuttle Discovery by LasVegasPilot
Snowy by Alma-Hasanovic
Kayaking in the Fraser Canyon by hpbfotos
Rain on Deck 1 by saundiwilson
SONY TX30 by LookSee
pigeon lady by kimkeane
Don't leave by alejandragiler
Feather by Joeandkibo
Underwater Photographer by EeVeePhotography
Looking Things Over... by ladysaltfire
dead-flat by rachelurlich
Food, NOW! by ladysaltfire
Just Strolling Along by ladysaltfire
Some cameras inspire. This fujiflm xt1 inspried me and some how got me to think a little more creative. Love this camera soo much i pour water on it. Lol :) by Myliitledistraktions
Colorful Family by ladysaltfire
Bubbles by elf1
Waterproof! by IMP17
Molly Miller blenny in the Indian River Lagoon, near Sebastian Inlet. This location gets great variety of species due tonitsnproximity to the Inlet, and therefore, the Atlantic Ocean. This fish lives in a discarded piece of anchored metal. by audreysmith
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