Old memories of the wild sea by Bren_Ruiz
Playa La Vallina in the Morning, Asturias by ansharphoto
Vallina by Tomasz_Raciniewski
This is the riskiest photo I have made... so far... It's difficult to see, but I was really far from the edge. The tide was not high and I found "difficult but possible" to advance through the rocks to get close to the most characteristic rock formation of La Vallina (which in this photo is behind me). I have no fear to death at all but, when the tide went up unexpectedly, I prayed to God as never... not for protection, but for forgiveness. May the Light be with you. by rapukennobi
The Gate Of Knowledge by ansharphoto
This photo is the second riskiest I`ve ever shot. You`ll see in further posts how the tide can not only hit with Force, but how much it can unexpectedly change and either trap you among the rocks or drag you to the sea. Few times I have begged so much to God, not for protection... but for forgiveness... May the Light be with you. by rapukennobi
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