Biertan village, Transylvania, Romania by ovi_craciun
Transylvania evening fog comes over the river by ferencboloni
View of Bran Castle on a cold October day.  by marlakeown
Sunset over Transylvania by Dragos_Pop
Path to the unknown by arthurkornovics
Balea Glacier Lake by Roberto_Sorin
Torreadora by SzilagyiPP
Love by martap
wooden stair 04 by gallmese
where is autumn?  by gallmese
wooden stair 02 by gallmese
1914 - 1918  by gallmese
wooden stair 01 by gallmese
the clock tower by gallmese
catholic church interior by gallmese
medieval detail by gallmese
wooden stair 03 by gallmese
Old woman by ioantodor
catholic church exterior by gallmese
Iron bridge by Sorin_Opreanu
clock tower view by gallmese
in or out? by gallmese
Sunset by ioantodor
Transylvanian Fall by Dragos_Pop
waiting for autumn by gallmese
Corvin Castle, also known as Hunyadi Castle, Medieval Castle in Transylvania by gabrieltanase_3925
Sunrise over Transylvania by Dragos_Pop
Transylvania,  Apuseni Mountains landscape by ioantodor
Rustic by lszlpotozky
Brasov Transylvania Romania by rreens
Houses from Transylvania,  Apuseni Mountains landscape by ioantodor