DSC_6413 by lichtwerke
Orange Snow by shifter
Inferno. by streitpawel
Singapore Lights by PhillipMinnis
Silken Autumn River Flow by gsmithphotos
wertach_lte2 by thoto
Just before sunrise Happy Valley, PA  by FDPhotography
Night traffic in Katoomba by Domeman
Playing with Fire by kjodway
Snowed Up Tree by shifter
Taking the Curve by carawalton
Night of Lights St. Augustine Fl. by kimmedlong
Harbor Lights by 1durango1
Overlooking the City by Patrick_Brumley
Scenic Canyon Creek by jimhallmedia
Sea_LTE_BW by thoto
A lonely tree by iamretusrieben
Ferris Wheel and Swings by barbarahartmankirby
Temple of culture by artistdax
Blue watter by snobista
Cascais Bay by ManCorMac
Waiting For The Clouds by deweyfarmer
Downtown Los Angeles by Rinkrat
GLEN_SCOTIA_double cask-Spielben photography by SPIELBEN
Empire State Building bw by Sesaons
Sprinkling Of Light by jeffsinnock
Time travel  by kevinvierra
Soft Water by jeffkeller_8042
10165330-20B5-42D5-A3B6-D8B03C676D73 by SteffCo
20150429082135_04 by kimmedlong
Detroit skyline at night by KonHel