Snow covered rock wall by Corabelle
bear creek subway by JohnPless
Gettysburg, PA by mavishageman
red-leaved vine climbing on a rock wall at Avila Village Inn (11) by Ranette
20180516_134356 by sandraconway_9582
Wagonwheel in Snow 2 by jvittek
HALL AND WALL by yogibro
Boating on Mendenhall Glacier by DJCP
Gorgeous Old Home by sandrabarlowpowell
On the Ledge by BonnieHillPhotography
Abandoned Stone Church Window by Madzebra
Rock Wall by irenehurdle
Canyon Road by John256
Rooted 1 by carollwatts
Here We Stand by tobyschuh
Dwell by btruono
Gettysburg, PA by mavishageman
Caribou Falls  by Fujiguy
Monk  by penguincutie
Walls can't hold the beauty by MaryD67
Double Rainbow by grahamanixon
Rock Cut in Bancroft, ON. by marniefawcett
Thinking by SiennaVesta
Rock Wall by cvanderwalt
Even Here by ashchackal
Rock Wall by barbarabrock
Water Fall at Freeman's Mill Park, up close by rap77
Red Rock Natural Wall by John256
Hole in the wall by Dub45
Mura reali by paolodechellis
Colorful field  by alisongunn