Marta by portretovelove
I'll go anywhere with you by JRedgate
Wedding by gOANgA
Piercing by StefaninLA
Autumn Beauty by StunningPhotography
Sofia wishes a great day by designpictures
"Ginger" by majalesar
Vendela by Martensvensson
Wild one by Cflorczak
focus by mattiasam by lucafoscili
Photo  by jimdfs
Trainer Gets Schooled by sierrasprings
Photo  by Truchan
Bokeh emotions with Leica. by mattiabonavida
Getting Ready by Alexander_Sviridov
Life begins and ends with a breath.
The art of sound is unseen, yet real as the wind. by JMydliar
Leopard Beach, CA by keithbrooks
The Groom and Bride  by ocnviewbug
_DSF7293-2 by gelsominopalladino
DSCF7911 by donatellanicolini
The Kiss by jamiscull
Boogie Board Curl   by FaithPhotography
Togetherness  by Atlasphotographix
Young at Heart by anikamolnar
cacti beauty by Roy_Burkhart_III
Sunshine Dreaming by edielayland
Photo  by CheyComerford
Photo  by julieyara
Natlie 35 by Kenji
Photo  by Mr_serrano
Geisha in training. by Shazakin