Peanut Ring by sandystevenskrassinger
Bluejay Lunch by pattybrennan
John Deere Tractor by oobreemartens
A mouth full by paintedpanes
Get Em' Hot by LyoMat
OH NUTS!!! by amycneffmoore
Cotton irrigation  by oobreemartens
Peanuts at Rest by jtmont
Blackbird and Blue Jays eating peanuts and bird seads (IMG_5839) by LuciaH
Christmas 2017 k by Darcien1
Just Hanging by graphicrust
Hiding from the camera by sandystevenskrassinger
IMG_0670 by chloetitcombe
For the partners that drive you nuts, but have your heart :) by sarahlouisepaul
...And Cracker Jacks by alexanderdennisslade
Oh Nuts!  by myview27
Blue Jay on the feeder by Oskinga
IMG_0002 Got any Peanuts by Pinhole
Having a Peanut by sandystevenskrassinger
Hissy Fit by leslieboren
Plowed dirt by oobreemartens
Chipmunk by ShaneVW
John Deere Tractor and plow by oobreemartens
Stealing Peanuts by djpavek
Workin' for Peanuts by GSmith1272
Wild flowers  by oobreemartens
British wildlife garden birds  - Great Tit by billbell
Sharing by ruthholland
Cardinal Nation by Emmit
Chipmunk by naomipickett
Pensive Look by sophiemuscat