Floral Stepping Stones 1002 by ThomasJerger
Open water in the middle of Winter by AnnuO
Curves by Gilbert
The Colour Purple by AnnuO
Rose of Love by MaxRastello
Last Light at Toroweap by Sierralara
Pyramid Lake Beauty by tikidianne
Winter Aspen by stefanschug
Wide awake by SaltyGirl
One Red Ant by AZPhotos
Tillie by GerryF
Croc me up! by dacphoto
Shadow by grantpankratz
Bright Eyes by rturnbow
RIMG2121 eagle by MERCEDESS
Under Prairie Skies XIX by IanDMcGregor
Iceland under snow cover by AnnuO
Later Afternoon Sunburst over Mount Whitney by Sierralara
Looking Up by ts446photo
“Behind every exquisite thing that existed, there was something tragic.”  by bryanmaes
The look by Rustybucket8472
I Can see The Light by SURREALIMAGE