Brea by nagel_photo
Marly by nagel_photo
Isabella by nagel_photo
Old Hollywood Glamour Portrait by JayMontez
Old Hollywood Elegance by JayMontez
Old Hollywood Glamour Shot by JayMontez
Lost in the Shadows by CorySchlossImages
Portrait of the beautiful Patricia Faolli. This is from my series "Ode to Hollywood" by jayhannibal
Brooklyn Shades by Photography_by_IvanLopez
Old Hollywood Glamour Portrait by JayMontez
Daniel by nagel_photo
The beautiful Aeriane Cohen.  by JayMontez
Freedom by amaurieraz
Purple Bath by StreetChronicle
St. Patrick's Cathedral by amaurieraz
Recent shoot for a Hairstylist-MUA client that wanted to show her Bridal hair and makeup skills. by JayMontez
Portrait of actor Anthony Tether. Natural light portrait by JayMontez
Strength and a bit of vulnerability. Model is Elyssa Johnson.   by JayMontez
This is the beautiful Elyssa Johnson. She is a dynamo, marathon runner and model. We shot this look for her portfolio. Sweet girl. by JayMontez
This is a portrait of a fellow photographer Sully Gonzalez. Just a quick impromptu portrait while she stopped by one of my shoots. Simple light setup. Like to keep it simple! by JayMontez
Another boudoir shot of the beautiful Alisa Kisa.  by JayMontez
Brooklyn Bridge Sister by Photography_by_IvanLopez
Shadow  by Sydneygoodwin
The Lady in Red. Model is Alli Ann Grin. This was during my Ofe to Hollywood shoot. by JayMontez
Shot taken on the Top of the Rock NYC by csouzas
Rockefeller Center by amaurierazphotography
The beautiful and talented Alli Ann Grin. Blindfold and choker made by her. Gothic style. by JayMontez
Lover's Twirl by nicholasmangal
One light series with Elyssa Johnson by JayMontez
Grand Central by amaurieraz
NYC sunset skyline by DouglasBarbosa
Writer and activist friend of mine. He is usually oensive and a bit serious soecially now considering the political climate we are in. However, catching him laughing like this was a treat. Loved this. by JayMontez
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