Studio Portrait! by ArberElezi
Watching the magic in the world by njumlin
Newly Green by JmDreams
Body & Shadows by lujeanburger
Samantha by lujeanburger
Ash by lujeanburger
Karolin by lujeanburger
Paused time by Icagalj
Alina by klausmotznik
Beauty Photography by ArberElezi
Maternity shot! by ArberElezi
Is this Methuselah? - 1,800,000 sunrises and sunsets under his belt or 4,849 year old.  The Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest is a protected area high in the White Mountains of California. —————————————— by timboten
Laura by ilyayakover
Studio Portrait by ArberElezi
Melissa by lujeanburger
Sculpture by UllaWolk
Studio Photography  by ArberElezi
Michelle in B&W by lujeanburger
Autumn! by ArberElezi
Seiser alm sunset by Tiziano
Lea & Craig by lisablevins
Ashley by lujeanburger
The elegance by Dearann
Body & Shadows by lujeanburger
Lauren by lujeanburger
The Chair by klausmotznik
Black Beauty by henningk
Katie by klausmotznik
Goddess by lujeanburger