Leaf with water drops  by Klaus56
zucchini by karenevans_6657
garden spider and his lunch. by davidennew
Red Raspberries by peggcampbell
Cabbage White Butterfly by peggcampbell
Red leaves with white snow by Klaus56
Just a rose hip by Klaus56
Garden Slug by peggcampbell
Fruit Forming by peggcampbell
Spring Sprout  by j-kphotography
Dawn  by kerryphillips
Sweet Pea Flowers by peggcampbell
Just a snail  by Klaus56
Delicate Bee by SabrinaHaywireartist
Blooming  by Klaus56
Daffodil with spider  by Klaus56
Just opened yesterday.  by carolhuttemann
Sunflower Bee by peggcampbell
Red Poppy by peggcampbell
Akleja by Winroth
Akleja by Winroth
Sunflower by peggcampbell
Light and shadow by Klaus56
"Narcissus Hawera" by 1944LYNKS
Lavender by Convivo
Clouds! by ChezA
Mauve Pansy by peggcampbell
Red hibiscus 2015 by CandyLHill
Clover on pebbles by louisdurrant