For Whom the Bell Tolls by nina050
Lovely Lucerne by ericcriswell
Medieval village in the Ligurian hills by marilenavaccarini
Castelvecchio di Roccabarbena. Ruins of the fortress by marilenavaccarini
Illuminated Hohenzollern Bridge with Cathedral by johannesoehl
Old Town Market Square by larrywelch
Sunset on Vierwaldstatter See by ericcriswell
Colorful Lucerne by ericcriswell
STONEHENGE by Lindaully
Obidos Castle by Kudos
Lovely Lucerne by ericcriswell
The Heart by johannesoehl
Statue of a saint in sun shine by johannesoehl
Cologne Cathedral at night by johannesoehl
Salisbury Cathedral from the Cloisters by garb303
Main Portal of Cologne Cathedral by johannesoehl
Southern Portal of Cologne Cathedral by johannesoehl
The Goddess by johannesoehl
Greek Goddess by johannesoehl
The Diva by johannesoehl
My parasol by johannesoehl
Woman as gargoyle by johannesoehl
Castle Light at Night  by Lindaully
Rough Stone by johannesoehl
Castle Mistress by johannesoehl
Let me in by ingomenhard
Magi portal of the west facade at Cologne Cathedral by johannesoehl
The Bridge of Lies  by adelapopa
Usk Bridge by lindathomasBAhons
Door knocker at Cologne Cathedral by johannesoehl
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