Breaking Through by patrick9x9
Splash by patrick9x9
San Juan Island Orca family by CCMitroff
Orca family portrait at sunset off Newport Beach, CA by CCMitroff
Orca Surfacing by Zeattle
Whale Watching 064 by brucesharock
Family by kariwatkins
Orca Baby with Mom by DebbieSalvesen
Orcas under Mount Baker by LUsherLamacraft
Underwater symphony  by Beyerphoto
Misty Orca by stevenrose
misty breath by VladDzavik
Say Goodbye by dancingwhale
Baby Breach by kariwatkins
Orca mom with baby by LenyaA28Havannah
Orca on Parade by kariwatkins
In unison .... by brummieboy
family by VladDzavik
Orcas and seals by Lorenzoragazzi
Exhale by LenyaA28Havannah
I'm spying on you by dancingwhale
Orca Mist by jcollis01
Orca Sunset in Victoria by ryanjoyce
Orcas and a Seagull  by CPonsell
orca pod by LenyaA28Havannah
Photo  by KJEarl
Killer Whales by kdizzlex13
Everyone Fishing Today by kariwatkins
Killer Whales by higgspe8172
Quiet Moments by ecassell
1-2-3 Go by jcollis01
Orca by Hymakar
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