Workman sanding individual plaster designs by DrPhrogg
Baps Hindu Temple by DrPhrogg
Prambanan Temple by Agrandaiz
A Tearful Goodbye  by romynsharma
Bathukamma by shivaranigudiyella
Hindu Fountain by fredstein
Colors of Faith by RobertoPazziPhotography
Pallava Architecture Side Wall by Ragu
Bipana by jesslehane
Shiva is in the Details by SamuelGillilanPhotography
Icy Glance by RobertoPazziPhotography
Monkey Forest by salvadidosalvo
Batu Caves by Steve-Pond
The Ritual of Tarpana by debarshi1984
Dance with Dad by kolbyskid
Angkor Wat, Cambodia by fredstein
Holy Man at Pashupatinath Temple by AJRamirez
Mahat Vari by Morgado
Peacock and elephant on exterior of BAPS Shri Swaaminaryan Mandir by DrPhrogg
Beautiful eyes by suzannemanders
The Amma by anshu_pix
The Ascetic by prajnyangoswami
Sunrise Prayers along the Ganges River by WEphotos
Irrepressible Smile by RobertoPazziPhotography
BalisNewGeneration by salvadidosalvo
#SaveVelliangiri by LogeshKumar
Diwali, Chennai by jesslehane
Bayon temple after the rain by gabetaviano
_Panthean of gods by anthonygerardfoley
Hindu Temple in Malibu Canyon, California by ronaldwebb
The Dean by salvadidosalvo
Volunteer workers paint the indise walls of the BAPS Temple in NJ by DrPhrogg