Optical Illusion by sheen33
Dawn Patrol  by mcampi
Marsh Tango by nina050
Nesters  by mcampi
Young Grebe by TLien
Water Ballet by nina050
Courtship  by dougplume
Pied-billed Grebes by JimCumming
The Courtship Run by anitarossview
Pied-billed Grebes by JimCumming
Great-crested Grebe  by johnmchale
Mating Dance by anitarossview
"Clark Grebe Triplets Riding On Mama's Back"  by lesliereagan
Red-necked Grebes by kootenay_nature_photos
Wait! by anitarossview
Crested Grebes in Lake Garda 3 by ColinDixonPhotography
Shocking News by anitarossview
0809-norfolk-15 by AlStewart56
Pair of Great Crested Grebe (Podiceps cristatus) at the nest, mating by travelpicspro
Salmon River Grebes by conniemcclaran
Grebe Clarks with Fish_C81A3130 by jgrebeee
Crested grebes by Samborough
A little romance from some western grebes in Elephant Butte Lake New Mexico by brentmorris
Great Crested Grebe and Lunch! by Tonyyoh13
Grebes by mikeyh68
'The Circle of Life'  #2 by davidlipsy
Crested Grebes in Lake Garda 12 by ColinDixonPhotography
Great-crested Grebes by johnmchale
Rushing Into Love by mariaserrano
Grebe courtship by Foxyphotos
Grebes by josephleduc
0809-norfolk-16 by AlStewart56
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