Great. White.  by mattmarchant
Stealth by thurstonphoto
From Below by ChrisM83
Great White Shark by mattmarchant
Great White by Spider1987
Guadalupe great white shark by LeightonLum
Attack by thurstonphoto
Floating Into the Light by ryansnodgrass
Lucy Strike  by LeightonLum
Power by thurstonphoto
Great white shark  by davidpstephens
Huge whites sharks of guadalupe 2 by LeightonLum
Great White Heron by marcelbroek
Boulevard Falls, Thunder Bay ON  by ruthlesskivilahti
Grand View Pano Milky Way by martinlauren
Great White Rear by chrisknight
Heron Blur by tazdevilgreg
They Call Me Mr. Bubbles by ryansnodgrass
Eye Roll by ryansnodgrass
jaws by romainbarats
Touching Wings by MontyRPennington
Birdzilla vs. Lizilla by DeanSmithPhotography
Jaws by mattmarchant
Great White Pelican by lszlpotozky
Great White Egret by KayBrewer
Below the blue by thurstonphoto
Great White & Green by williambuchheit
Egret_8239N by FMarlatt
Egret_3712 by FMarlatt
Carcharodon Carcharius  by The-Art-of-Darkness
Late afternoon take off by tazdevilgreg
Great white Heron by marcelbroek