Brighton Eye by dugie
Down by ericdush
Fall is in the air by SurferGrl15
Dive by RosasGuerra
Biebrza National Park by joannatycyk
Morning in the Cave by MattGoffPhotography
Up close and personal  by The_Photo_Wave_Rat
Honda Bay, Philippines by reelstuff
Wave by PNPhotography
Honu hawaii by KanoaS32
Tired by basspatrol
Takeoff! by warrenkmartin
The Serpent and the Stars by Stretch1904
Green turtle at the Great Barrier Reef by IlonaD
Summer Days by The_Photo_Wave_Rat
Midday Sun  by buvala
Gold by coops82
millipede GoPro selfie by MoMo_Images
Isle of Skye meditation by mattdeal
Lil Wedgy by The_Photo_Wave_Rat
Date night! by iamcaptainjack
The Dusky's passageway III by MiguelJeronimoPhotography
Gulf Coast Shorebreak Wave by 0574_9433
Crystal clear by naska_orl
Paper City Mill by KappysKeepers
Puffer fish snorkeling by JohnZinkPhotography
GoPro Rock Pool & Bridge by byrnephotography
Double Strike by jlebsock
Pine Creek by ShawnGrenningerPhoto
Beach by SurferGrl15
Chasing the stoke!  by LucienPipps_