Ore Wagon (Bodie) B&W by markcote
Rusty Ole' Beater  by Amanda_Wakefield
Left Behind by DavidMBuckwalter
Forgotten by lisaholloway
Benton Hot Springs Ghost House by RyanHuebelPhotography
Corner Store BW by markcote
Obsolescent by fronteras
Vintage Chevron Gas Station by toxictabasco
Left behind 2 !!!!!! by erickgarza
Crystal Mill by alipeck7
Bodie's Ghosts by ladyincammies
Texaco by gottobeme1234
Bodie Bound by fronteras
Lonely Cabin by clownsonvelvet
Crystal Mill by sjholbert
Ashcroft Ghost Cabin by mikefennell
Belchite by Carlos_Santero
Past Time by jimmoon_8772
A beautiful night!!!! by erickgarza
Western Girl In A Western World by BriMcKiPhotography
Waiting by lisaholloway
here comes the rain!!!!! by erickgarza
Lost in time!!!!! by erickgarza
General Store by ClaudiaKuhn
Memories by lisaholloway
Dancing Alone by lisaholloway
Kolmannskuppe 2017 (5) Sand-waves of change by Karl-Heinz
Abandoned by jimbillups
All Aboard! by lpray3
Nelson Ghost Town by FlorendoStudioArts
Rust Red Coupe (Bodie) B/W by markcote