Coastal Explosion by KRL_Photo
La Ragada del Ticinetto, august 2015, Switzerland.  by guymoberly
Fairy Lake Fir Tree by lakevermilionphotos
Sol Duc Valley by James_J
Yosemite’s watcher of the Valley  by robertmarcy
Fog and Sunrise II by clfowler
Hot vs. cold by iiqpo
Mount Assiniboine by hasmonaut
Pine Cones on Long Needle Limbs of the Ponderosa Pine Tree by ColeEatonPhotography
drone 2 by edvinnyitrai
Cliff by 3894_5958
Winter wonderland II - Auvergne - France by chassamax
Dolomites by Markus_van_Hauten
between the hills... by grandpa_Vlad
portrait of a smiling girl looking through blurred fir needles by arminstaudt
white clothing... by grandpa_Vlad
a triple... by grandpa_Vlad
Path to another world by michaelstabentheiner
the first days of the autumn...(1) by grandpa_Vlad
Aspen Grove at the peak  by timboten
Church... by kbrowko
new growth on the blue spruse by myownvision
Reflection lake by rluijten
white clothing...(2) by grandpa_Vlad
Alpenglow by Wim-Solheim
Fall colors by rluijten
Sol Duc Falls by James_J
Twilight by alexorrec
Frozen lake walk by jameswilkinson_7883
Photo  by laelwilliams
First Snow by Vitta