On Fire From Within by KendraPaige
Hummingbird by sakevanpelt
Three forgotten boats  by alexlombardi_7567
loosestrife lake by chriswhittington
Fireplace reading by bvphotosnap
** Dancing Ladybug ** by Marierich
Gazing  by dvierno
A Dry Place To Hide by shaunposton
Zebra Finch  by tmtburke
The Future is Not Clear by carolcardillo
BW-Buck Fawn by Jenna_Lynn_Photography
Autumn 2014 in Houten (The Netherlands) by Pjerry
The leader of the pack by GentleGiant
Wetland Baby  by dvierno
Snowy Dove  by dvierno
Cupcake Decadence by nlhammondphotography
Little Red by amazedbyyou
SnowDog by adavies
Bridge sculpture  by tmtburke
Evocation by shaunposton
Amaryllis and cactus bloom. by Hprue
Honey Bee Macro  by dvierno
Graceful Fronds  by dvierno
Cosmos  by tmtburke
Common Blue by GeraintRadford
Profile of a Goose  by dvierno
Dragonfly in Blue  by dvierno
Field by alanasisk
Golden birch by kapuschinsky
Dragonfly  by tmtburke
The Right Fit by abbykroke