Unexpected inheritance... by KristinaOers
Gabriela by guilhermeescosteguy
Light and Shadow or Window to Staint Petersburg. The Window of stair to the colonnade of St. Isaac's Cathedral. Saint-Petersburg. by Andrew08
Shanghai Skyline by peterstewartphotography
Dog Vogue by vassilispitoulis
Resting place in an autumn park by dmytrokorol
Serene by douglasdrouin
Just tulips. The Tulip festival. Central Park of Culture and Rest. Saint-Petersburg. by Andrew08
I like this photo  by vassilispitoulis
Working for life... by Paklang
And in the blizzard, in the blinding whiteness I saw her face...the beautiful salvation by alexandermils
From the Shadow to the Light by dmytrokorol
Anastasia by Egoryan
Sun beams in the autumn forest by dmytrokorol
The icebreakers by DennisartPhotography
Dancing in the rain  by vassilispitoulis
Wooden floor - BW version  by Tali_C
The Daylight by mcampi
Memories by vassilispitoulis
Sacra di San Michele, Torino by AdrianUrse
The Ghost Town by Thomas_Knox