post and moon by electrohippie
Tacoma Narrows from the North by janetcapps
Bridge by ioanna papanikolaou _CSC2112 9 by papanikolaoujoanna
Steel structures by AquatixxImages
Ropeway to the Mountaintop by shifuxian
#iPhone6plus #sky #morning #sun #fresh #village #east #follow #followers by vishali
High Line by PHoToPoA
Lens flare on Okha Sunset by arfabita
Lone Pylon by JimBrady46
Cochran Bridge by darrinb
Bridge by marcyg
Telegraph Pole & Wires by stonefree
cable towers  by krunalmistry
tech 1 by cristinaleipnitz
Alone by PatelAbhi
untitled # 1 by guymoberly
Under the Brooklyn Bridge by SueLeonardPhotography
Down to earth ........... Bzzzzzzzzzzz     P1000828 by dodefraser
LLANBERIS, WALES-UK - OCTOBER 7 : Rusty old steam crane at the S by phil_bird
Before the bridge by dmmacdonald
Wasteland by Thomas-2hvz
Desolated Fields by andresherrera
Erasmus Bridge by KurtVst
The end by MDPortrait
The sky is hidden by DamisBran
Before the Rain by Daniela187
Power lines by Bill-01
Bird On A Wire Under A High Crescent Moon by Bartle_Halpin
Pollino Natural Park - Cables  by mariarosariamarino