Rambo by jesdomacasse
Rockies elk by grahamvphoto
Stewie's Treat by DavidMonty
Take-Out Salad by questforwildlife
strange breed by danielemele
Arise by MatthewKou
Organized Choas  by gurdyal
Muskox by JimCumming
Bull Elk Bugle.  by Laurenbrown1989
So Handsome by kevinsawyerphotography
Bull finches in argument by lindapersson
Fly by.  by davidscottrobson
JUMP! by SteveHowellPhotography
Sun Sets On Farm by PaulMurphy
Girl can rock the red! by tamicicale
Grumpy by GPetrie
bison in grasslands of Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming in the United States of America by Danielvg
'Pigpen' by ellyrussell
I’m not sure why, but I’ve always loved highand cattle. It’s just something about them that I love.  by Samthorpe
The Cowboy by SuperT22
Moose in a Light Winter's Flurry by chasedekker
Why so sad? by AKUK
Bull up the hill by GunnarImages
Flying by kevinsawyerphotography
Bull Moose by alangriffin
Bull Elk Crossing by DancingAspensPhotography
Looking Back-2 by Dan_Kinghorn
Blue by PeterLombard
8 Second Ride by Jekawrig
Bull by timostrem
fraise 1 by davidleonard
Big Bull by chriswhittier