Broken glass by MarkoBeljan
Old Abandoned Funeral Home on the wrong side of the tracks by LifeForcePhotography
born again by JamesWayne
265A9624 by iani
The Ruins by FlorenceDinah
Old Store by bellcpr
Arena, by erickgarza
Spooky places by daliaa
Abandoned Factory where my significant other used to work by LifeForcePhotography
collapse by CreativeArtView
Old Windmill by douglasrichardson
Abandoned building by mh__________
ps by VanderblackStudios
Abandoned Building by Amiqdadi
abandoned building by Firkov
Barn by lbelles
Cabin on Green Mountain hiking trail 3 by ChristyRStanford
Your Room Is Ready! by LifeForcePhotography
Drawn by loripeterson
Montreal abandoned Malting Silos by Europephotos
Old barn by billmartin_2615
Door To Nowhere by cottagebaker1
Outside Doha by michiel-dl
Seen Better Days by JCPatton
Salt Spring Valley School by Cali_Wine_Fan
Decaying Building by JustmeStaciLee
IMG_0481 (2) "ABANDONED" by jeanlindfors
Asylum by Arch
6 by georgehewitson
Cabin on Green Mountain hiking trail 2 by ChristyRStanford
abandoned building by lisalantrip