The Bull by shaundavis65
Busy by ellispearson
Mist by fightthelight
The Big Wheel at night in Birmingham by ivanjones
Admiring the view by sidekick
Shoot (2) by Michael_Daw
School days... by liammaltby
Unbreakable  by JCBRAVO
Sloss Furnance Adventures by Beneaththeskylines
Fly aways  by JCBRAVO
Birmingham Shopping by ncpcov
Rushton Park Pano by nolen1957
HDR of outside light at the Greenbriar. by nolen1957
Birmingham reflected by SteveCrampton
Knowledge That Will Change Your World by Squig
Mislead Youth by Squig
Cathedral under The Night by kierandurrantphotography
Joe Broughton's Conservatoire Folk Ensemble by fightthelight
Pearl  by JCBRAVO
La Gioia della Fisarmonica by dangaffey
Reflections by KateBarry
IMG_8593b by danielsturley
IMG_5091b by danielsturley
Lickey Hills by kierandurrantphotography
Best Friends  by Squig
Birmingham UK, Saturday 15th March 2014, 6.14pm by fightthelight
Dragonfly  by Squig
Still Dropping Names by EddieGremlin
NEC Flags by fightthelight