Polar Bear Scratch  by tomingramphotography
The Waltz- by KarieLeFebvre
Polar Bear Cub by Canuk-Images
Bearback by kathyvid
I Love you Mom by TrekLightly
Play Fighting by AlaskaPinesPhotography
Just Chillin' by kathykuhn100
Brown Bear and her Cubs by pattilarsonphotos
Do you have to look at my ass ALL the time? by GunnarImages
Autumnal Family Outing by Canuk-Images
Black Bear Cub by njarehart
polar bear mother and cub by DonnaRacheal
Yearling Black Bear by blurrr001
Let's Party! by kathyvid
Grizzly Cub by melissapapaj
View from Above by Franh
Brothers in harms by Gahpir
Climbing Cub  by CarolSadler
Bad hair day? by galsworth
Alaska Brown Bear Cub in Grass, Hallo Bay, AK by Jdmccranie
Cub Pointing on the Beach by JDay
The Boss by Batu
Tons of energy after a long winters sleep. by mcampi
Charge! by AlaskaPinesPhotography
Lil Cub Resting by CarolSadler
Bear .... Got honey? by ChelseaLaneCreations
Splish Splash by ClaudiaKuhn
Cub treat by suedoughertyoffleash
Look Mom Visitors by ChelseaLaneCreations
Black bear mom and cub by ChelseaLaneCreations
Cinnamon by nina050
Grizzly mother and cub. Khutzemateen Grizzly Bear Sanctuary. BC by huwddu