Rousette Fruit Bats (01) by GigiJim08
Flora Glow 122 by Dacemac
The Gathering II by Fahad08
Trio_1826+ by vivijo
gothic - Whitby Abbey by johnmdavies
Bats Bats Bats... by sweetpea72
Evil l <3ve by Cherinyunlee
Mother Flying fox by vivijo
Grey headed Flying foxes above  by vivijo
Indian Flying-fox by Mother_Nature
Spectacled Owl by Stars
Little Red Flying-foxes by vivijo
In time by Kraljikica
Miagao Bats_large by jasonmatias
Rousette Fruit Bats (05) by GigiJim08
The Dawn in Monfort by GigiJim08
Bat eating by Rustybucket8472
The old lime kiln or The new Bat Cave by Bobwhite
Flying Fox at Roost by Kaceoo
One Night by CrossnClove
Witching Hour by katyvetter
Into the Night by mariaserrano
Grey-headed flying fox collects a drink by vivijo
IMG_3796 Restless Fruit Bats wary of my presence. by llowzz
bats by helmuttischer
Nightfall and Beyond by denglish
‘Lined Up’ by mariaserrano
Artibeus jamaicensis by MGamba-Rios
Flying fox Collecting a drink 9.2.9_2686 by vivijo
Halloween is coming by lbelles
witches death by DigitalGracePhoto