Alentejo in Black and White by melaniebund
A glance over Monsaraz (2/3) by FaustoMarsol
Blond fields by MJLara
Alqueva by horacioraposolopes
Mindful Mirrors by joseramos
Cromelech night by Jose_Rosado
The “great wall”...  by FaustoMarsol
Alentejo tree by PedroQuartinGraca
These boots were made ... by FaustoMarsol
Spring in Alentejo - Portugal by Jose_Rosado
Alentejo Monte by melaniebund
The bloomy fields of spring (Alentejo, Portugal) by FaustoMarsol
Dunes Monte Gordo in portugal by Michaelmeijer
Costa Alentejana 13.08.04 319 by ZeLuiz
nature versus manmade reflections by melaniebund
evening shadows by melaniebund
Memories by Jose_Rosado
Reflection by heliojmraposo
R* by marciomirandaphoto
Alentejo by demonaz
wind in the willows by melaniebund
Costa Alentejana 13.08.03 263 by ZeLuiz
Neolithic Cromleque of the Almendres (1/3).  by FaustoMarsol
Red autumn by Jose_Rosado
Milky way panorama by Jose_Rosado
From door to door by rixtportugal
three trees and a photographer by remedios
On the way to the hotel (1/3), that will serve as our headquarters (please read the message)  by FaustoMarsol
Monte Gordo dunes landscape in Portugal by Michaelmeijer
Rocket man by LuisNDamas
The end by Jose_Rosado
Symmetries by jorgepenedo