Crocodile on the Okavango by andytaylor756
In honor of World Lion Day by Jtrojer
Addo Elephant by Jtrojer
Addo Elephant Park by Jtrojer
Hippo on the lookout by Jtrojer
Giraffe by lidija_l
Hippo on the lookout by Jtrojer
Leopard by Jtrojer
"Endangered" by stuartjamieson
Zebra by helenparkes
Meer cat by abinavshankar
Looking Up! by Jtrojer
Leopard by christopherkufal
Sillohette trees by helenparkes
Get in line by joshschwartz
Ele in the grass by helenparkes
Lighting up the Eastern Serengeti by joshschwartz
Kudu Greeting by helenparkes
Tiring Work by nikebambery
Spotted Hyena: Aaaah, I found my itch! by joshschwartz
Photo  by loryneaton
Looking in to the Future by vasanthanjayaguru
Babbons settling in Baobob by helenparkes
Widow bird by helenparkes
Elephants taking a bath by petrovanheerden
Dog Vs Vulture by helenparkes
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