Last rays at the Western end of Europe by vishnub87
Jardim by RuiPii
Belém Tower by luispintoribeiro
Mistic train in the garden by RuiPii
Moth - Traça by MiguelPaquetePhotography
IMG_4546.JPG by spinelioliveira
Tagus River at Night by luispintoribeiro
A sunny day in the city by christinehartmann
Tramvia 12 by jamsession
Houses in old quarters by MJLara
Faísca by alexandremarques
Going up? by Bressie-
J by shotbymariafox
Training ship Sagres by JoseBalbino
Enjoy The View by veronicaiabreu
Pitu by NiValentim
_MG_5188b by RuiPii
Between mountains  by MiguelMartins
Sintra in the dark by JoseDRiquelme
Fachada Cinema Condes by RuiPii
Estrela de Natal by RuiPii
_MG_5813a by RuiPii
Rolex by enriquekapie
lisboa by reginaldgargaro67
_MG_4406a by RuiPii
Water Windmill by VitorSimao
palmeiras by RuiPii
Garça-branca-grande | Great egret | Egretta alba by alvaronunes
_MG_5039b.JPG by RuiPii
The Nightfall in the Old Quarter by afonsochabyrosa
Belém Tower window by luispintoribeiro
The golden  hour by MJLara