Gorgeous lil monkey of mine! by keZ007G
River bank in the fog by Harrisonaphotos
Rambling Tees by colinmcneillie
Robes by Jon_Allison
A Place To Remember by Jon_Allison
little_murphy_jack  by leegustard
Noctilucent clouds, or night shining clouds by keithscott_4432
The working man. by keZ007G
Red kite by philreay
simon by mr_psycho2000
A72E0914-3018-4B58-B835-1B66D364DA8E by karenbarclay_0362
Ashgill lower falls by andrewgill
Christmas Reflections by Jon_Allison
Chapter House by Jon_Allison
Eggleston Hall Teesdale  by simonrogerson
Side beard by leegustard
_L0A6784 AB #2 by GMW50
Photo  by tosca
174 by tosca
Cowboy bacon burger by leegustard
Red kite by philreay
Village Church  by mariestapleton
Blue Moon by colinmcneillie
Steep steps by ingetemplepietries
075D9EBF-40E8-49F9-A7E1-AEF7C174308C by samydixon
A photo blend of my Dad and the Pit wheel.  My dad was a Coal Miner from the age of about 16 until the close of the pits.  Now he likes to relax and play the Accordion. He often tells stories from down the mines.(image of pit wheel from google). by KS-Photos
Rain rain go away by leegustard
94B875EC-AC73-4059-8CD2-AF41B29CA08F by karenbarclay_0362
C924864D-7D6D-40D3-9138-7EC3936C156D by karenbarclay_0362
Flying Gismo by davidbarker_3916
Carhedral Wardrobe by Jon_Allison