The Garder by nadirnaim
Big Eyes by nadirnaim
Angry Darvish by nadirnaim
growing up by AaydeR
201812-02-003 by chrisbelcher
Baby Hippo by CobusOosthuizen
201812-02-002 by chrisbelcher
Afghan Girl with green eyes  by naseerturkmani
Malakite by CobusOosthuizen
Heron in Flight by CobusOosthuizen
Combat patrol near Spin Boldak Afghanistan by Luckenbach
UH-60 on the ground by benitofloresjr
Bibi Isma by Janapper
201812-02-001 by chrisbelcher
Hazar by nadirnaim
Afghan man in the Oruzgan province by Luckenbach
A river near Kabul, Afghanistan by davidroach
Window boy by nadirnaim
Sunset on the Chobe by CobusOosthuizen
Surise at Kandahar Airfield by Luckenbach
Peak of mountains  by Asmat_AKK
Outdoor clinic by madmac
calmness of nature  by munisa
Giant Kingfisher by CobusOosthuizen
Durkhas of hazard by madmac
Leasurely Flight by CobusOosthuizen
The Old Butcher by RobertoPazziPhotography
Pink by irtaqanaveedbaloch
قاصدک  by Maliki
Cold weather and cloudy day by Asmat_AKK
Sunset by jimy498
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