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Desert flowers in the East Pilbara by Sebfranks85
River crossing  by MJBlount
PSX_20160331_070604 by dingbat
Ship ahoy by KimAnkerstedt
Johannesburg Jacarandas by anniwilliams
 I need more coffe... by livmar
The Ants by pyemaw
DSC_4759 by douglaspotter
Story of Messina by jurisolovjov
DSC_0422 by wolveria
Details in nature by KimAnkerstedt
DSC_4801 by douglaspotter
So, so bored... spring where are you ? by livmar
Countryside by livmar
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View from brooklyn bridge  by JAMI_NERISSE_14
DSC_3174 by O3Salima
DSC_2959 by helencooke
Solitary Seagull of Snowdon by CeriMarie
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Daffodil by JAMI_NERISSE_14
DSC_3308 by helencooke
Bird's eye view by KimAnkerstedt
Just a butterfly or someone visiting? by ladynicolaentwistle
Gar├░skagaviti  by Svany
DSC_2403 by glenfryer
Frozen Berry Yogurt  by miratedjo
Woman by a big tree by MIsabel
Sky horses  by Svany
Stairs from above by MIsabel
Night tree 2 by chrisblack