Coquina outcrop 1 by TommyGurgul
Defensive by MaggieClaire
Little White Church  by MaggieClaire
a found treasure by AnneDphotography
Defending the Feeder by MaggieClaire
Rooster by MaggieClaire
Purity by MaggieClaire
A Trio of Friends by MaggieClaire
World of purple by AnneDphotography
Pier after sunset by thricegrate
Peacock butterfly by thricegrate
hello by blujeans1008
dragonfly by blujeans1008
Flying bird by thricegrate
IMG_8794 by DavidRoush
Feeding Time 1 by MaggieClaire
Public Bathroom by ChantalTuppert
Flying Away by MaggieClaire
IMG_2659 by richardwebb
sunset in the marsh by TommyGurgul
September Sunrise in Myrtle Beach, SC by jlappen
beautiful moments by AnneDphotography
IMG_2896 (2) by richardwebb
Quaint Little Home on the Prairie by AnneDphotography
Surrounded with Nature by AnneDphotography
Hiding  by MaggieClaire
Pollination by TommyGurgul
Sunflowers  by TN_Photography
Thw Ferris Wheel by AnneDphotography
Two Geese in the  Pond by AnneDphotography
Laoshan Temple by thricegrate
Caught Snacking by MaggieClaire