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Light bulbs in photos ????

What is photography? ????In fact, it is a drawing by light.

It is clear to everyone that we can get light from the window????, from flashes, o...
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What is photography? ????In fact, it is a drawing by light.

It is clear to everyone that we can get light from the window????, from flashes, or use studio light. But, you must agree, how much more interesting the picture becomes if you add any glowing objects to it. Here are the light bulbs, for example.

Have you noticed how many of these light bulbs are sometimes used in movies?????

????This is how they make the picture richer, more voluminous and interesting!

Today I will give a little advice for the creators of the media content of their blogs - save, record, use!

1. Before shooting, find a darker background - we need contrast!
2. Find a "granny" floor lamp or a table lamp with a large diffuser.
3. Place the lamp in front of you so that it softly illuminates your face. It is not necessary to put it close – it is possible that the texture of the skin will disappear. We need to make sure that your face is softly illuminated, while the background will become a little darker.
4. Experiment by moving the lamp in different directions - to the left, to the right, closer and further. Find the location where you like yourself more!
5. And now... is there another light bulb? Let's make the picture even more interesting:
6. Place the light bulb clearly behind you. You should get an illuminated outline of the head – it's very beautiful. Didn't work out? It doesn't matter. This may be due to the difference in the power of the bulbs in front of you and behind. What should I do then?
7. Just put the second floor lamp behind you. The picture will be warmer and more cozy.

Tell me, when you take pictures of yourself at home, what kind of light do you use?

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