Felixstowe Beach, Suffolk. (26-07-2018)

This photo is like a landmark to me, it made me realise that I actually had potential after I photographed and saw it back in 2018 in Felixstowe, Suffolk....
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This photo is like a landmark to me, it made me realise that I actually had potential after I photographed and saw it back in 2018 in Felixstowe, Suffolk.
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James_smith023 August 03, 2022
Splendid view, you've a great shot
Ebraheem August 15, 2022
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Behind The Lens

I took this photo on the beach in Felixstowe, Suffolk in the United Kingdom, situated not too far from landmarks in that area such as the Port of Felixstowe (busiest container port in the UK), Landguard Fort and the Landguard Nature Reserve.
It is possibly one of my most favourite photos, it was taken in the late morning or early afternoon on the 26th of July 2018 during when the UK was going through a heatwave.
I think what helped immensely with lighting here was the sun beaming down on the North Sea, giving it some of that blue colour.
At the time this photo was taken, it was shot on a mobile phone which is a Huawei FIG-LX1. Can't necessarily remember other settings other than that since I was still learning myself back then as I had only been in photography for a year back in 2018.
It was a huge heatwave in the UK and I was walking with my mum and our friend called Neil (he was a carer who used to do these community respite walks on Thursday mornings from 11AM to early afternoon as he used to look after his sadly now late wife Linda, who had MS). We all remember noting and being in awe about how blue the sea was, so I snapped the photo on my phone and looked at it at home afterwards and was amazed. This photo to this day is a personal favourite of mine, purely for it making me believe that I actually had something with photography.
I only remember using the default Windows Photo Editor for opening photos, if I recall correctly. It has been a while though, so I cannot really remember what it was called again. As for post-processing stuff, I do remember tweaking the clarity, contrast, highlights, shadows etc.
In my camera bag
Back then when I took this photo, I guess I just had a normal bag when carrying my phone. These days however, if I am photographing with my Canon PowerShot A590 IS, I already have a small compact bag for it that has another slot for some batteries. (I do need to bring another bag with me though if I am photographing a lot as I would probably go through a lot of batteries)
To me, if the it happens to be a very good day weather-wise, you would want the sun beaming on the water if you want to get that blue water effect (especially if you are at a beach as a good example). Keep in mind, the sun will most likely need to be out of view of your camera, I have made that mistake in the past of photographing when the sun has been in front and the photo has turned out darker than usual because of the bright, beaming light in front of it, so just something to be mindful of.

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