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shirleymarshall PRO+
shirleymarshall August 10, 2022
Stunning image great composition well done!
davidhadland September 14, 2022
thomaspgohil August 23, 2023
Amazing images. Great light and background.
livioferrari PRO+
livioferrari November 15, 2023
Amazing capture.👍😊
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Behind The Lens

This photo (LET GO) was taken on the hottest day in July. Thankfully we all had a pool to jump in after! I took this photo in my meadow. I had the model (Lily) lay down on that bench that is probably 15 years old - and full of BUGS! She had a little moss stuck to her butt, but suffered no injuries! LOL!
The sun was shining bright so it was about 2:00 pm.
Although I had full sun, I used a reflection disc to get more light on her face so I had very little editing.
My camera is a Canon Rebel t6. She’s my one and only. I feel like I’d be cheating if I got another camera. No flash - no tripod. Just a reflection disc and a BEAUTIFUL model.
My model, Lily, was a former dance student of mine. She’s been struggling - ran away. After she returned to her home (THANK GOD) I wanted to do something really special with her. I wanted her to feel good about herself, her life and her future. We had so much fun that day, and she was so proud of herself! We jumped in the pool afterwards and played like little kids - no cares in the world.
I enriched the saturation and shadows - reduced the noise - but honestly - I did very little editing. I prefer to take photos that do not require a ton of editing…..unfiltered is more my style.
In my camera bag
I pack my Canon Rebel, batteries for my light kits, my 35 mm lens, extra SIM cards, lens cleaner, and a cute Pom Pom made of yarn that one of my students made for me.
Advice? Wow! I’ve never been asked for advice! I just started photography this year - after I retired as a dance teacher and choreographer of 35 years. My advice…..have a willing model whose not afraid of the scorching heat and some bugs! Explain to your model the mood and the meaning for any shoot - watch your lighting - clean your lens - take your time and just - LET GO!

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