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Beach Sparkler Light Painting

Light pianting with a Luminosify bubblegum Choob and a sparkler on the Pembrokshire coastline

Light pianting with a Luminosify bubblegum Choob and a sparkler on the Pembrokshire coastline
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Betty_A Feb 23
Awesome work. Congratulations!
sumanbose Feb 23
I love this 😊
yersacaltara Feb 25
this is absolutly gorgeous !
I can only imagine how much work went into creating this photo. amazing, congrats!
TinyWorldWonders PRO+
I absolutely love this photo! So cool! I think the only thing that would have made it better would have been if the footprints were from bare feet instead (to go with the beach vibe), but still awesome just how it is! 👍
Cgiralico PRO
Cgiralico Mar 09
roraabdou Mar 09
Very VERY nice
jgocart May 11
just amazing, a beautiful picture
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Behind The Lens

There are many beautiful beaches on the south coast of Wales, and this one it in the Pembrokeshire coast national park.
This was in November and it gets dark quite early at that time of year in the UK. It was already officially night time, past all the twiglights at about 6-7pm.
The only light that was used here was a Luminosify Choob and a Sparkler attached to the end of it. The tube is called 'Tiger' and is a beautiful deep orange, which matched/enhanced the colour of the Beach. Creating the light painting behind the subject, and it being already quite dark, meant the subject was left as a silhouette.
This was a 6 second exposure using a Canon 6D Mk ii, Sigma 20mm art Lens on a tripod. The exposure was controlled by me (the light painter) behind the subject using a remote trigger. This way I could start and stop the exposure once I had finished creating the shape. The light painting tool was a tube made by Luminosify.
My partner and I got into light painting a few years ago when she found lots of photos online and wondered how they were made. Since then we have been creating our own light painitng business and community, and often go out at twilight and nighttime to create lots of different light painting photos. It's a niche community, but one we're happy to be a part of.
There was post processing. Unfortunately, in order for me to get behind my fiancee, I had to create some footsteps, which I removed. But appart from that it was just a bit of white balance, contrast and saturation. Nothing else!
In my camera bag
Nowadays I have a Sony A7 IV and three main lenses. A 24-70mm f2.8, 20mm prime (for astro) and a 100-400mm telephoto. This suffices for most light painting, landscape and astrophotography use cases that I'm out shooting. I always have a remote trigger so we can do Astro & Light Paint. And if I'm specifically going out at night, a star watcher adventurer mini star tracker.
Check out light paininting blogs online and get stuck into a community where there will be lots of people willing to help you get started. You can get going indoors at home quite easliy with a simple light source. There's lots of DIY options to get started, and a few different shops making a variety of tools like tubes, fibre optics and other things. Then you can move onto getting some pre-made gear if you so wish. It's all about being creative, setting a long exposure in a dark environment and move a light around, see what you can create!

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