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Behind The Lens

This art piece stands in an 'Hotel particulier in the City of Montpellier (France). It used to be a family house and it became an office place where I used to work. It is an amazing feeling to come across this master piece every morning. It is , history, poetry and art entering in your daily life. It is giving an other dimension and feeling to your routine! A time travel adventure!
This picture was taken early the morning when it is not crowded yet and I still have time to watch it and get amazed by this architecture.
The light is still low, giving this atmosphere of mystery and history.
I used my mobile phone Huawai without any other equipment and no flash!
The amazing architecture of the stair and the corridor and the poetry of the place!
The photographie was in color and I used 'Viewbug' website to change it in Black and White! I chose to keep the light as it was as I found that the picture keep this mystery and the contrast brought by the light of the window I was looking for.
In my camera bag
I use most of time my mobile phone when I go to work and sometimes the Gh5 Panasonic Lumix when I do a photo session on purpose, a tripod.
When there is one spot of light contrasting with a dark room, like here with the window, it is better to try not to use the flash and use a post processing technique to lighten the picture if necessary. I chose to accentuate the vertical shape of the stair in the photo shape, as I wanted to put the focus on the vertical architecture and of course the choice of Black and white color to accentuate the lines pureness and minimalism, and allow the viewer to travel back to ancient time!

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