Simple things! Park shade lunch

Two people enjoying a shaded bench lunch.

Two people enjoying a shaded bench lunch.
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LAMONTEMA January 30, 2014
Thanks Diana.
LAMONTEMA March 01, 2014
Thanks staff.
kathleenweetman PRO
kathleenweetman March 01, 2014
lito March 01, 2014
Nice capture...
MRueffer March 01, 2014
SnowbunnyPhotography March 01, 2014
Love this image! :-)
lindywalker March 02, 2014
beautiful!! congrats on your award!
LAMONTEMA March 02, 2014
Thank you everyone for such encouraging and inspiring comments!
sweetpea72 March 03, 2014
absolutely Love this! ;)
onyanita PRO+
onyanita June 30, 2014
so beautiful...congrats!
LAMONTEMA March 01, 2015
Thanks Jazel & Rachael
LAMONTEMA March 13, 2018
Thanks Stacy :-)

Behind The Lens

Here's a great example of a simple travel capture in Kensington Gardens, London UK. It was surrounding the Queen's garden a lush maintained landscape tunnel and I was wandering around exploring the beautiful garden.
It was late in the afternoon and light was still bright, but the leaves acted as a filter for the light which is what I was looking for.
It is worth noting and searching for everyday image compositions that are shaded by a roof awning or natural cover like a tree or leaves. In this case I found a shade tunnel with bench seating and an accommodating older couple enjoying their lunch. "Simple Things"
This image was captured with a Nikon D600, natural lighting no flash or tripod. The exposure was 0.5 sec handheld which I adjusted for and challenged my hands to be as steady as possible. The lens was a nikon zoom 70-300mm focal length @ 70mm. My settings were shutter speed 1/125, f/8, ISO 200 shot in RAW with jpeg backup.
During my travels I have learned to start with iconic images inherent to the specific locations. Over time my imagery has evolved to look for sheltered, fading or unique light situations. In many cases I test my skill with slowing down exposure and typically under exposing images which i know can be adjusted to my taste in post computer work. I also have evolved my travel images to include one or two people within the image to establish depth and scale. If the people are doing everyday tasks or actions the better. Sometimes I get lucky and capture the joy of living life.
Yes always post process as the image will be viewed and appreciated based upon the final depicted composition. Hint - It sometimes takes years to nail the composition correctly in camera so many times when I travel and i might not be able to reshoot something I find really interesting if my first image is off. So my approach is usually to bracket exposure images like three images same images with 0,+2,-2 exposure compensation. this also allows for HDR High Dynamic range processing if preferred. My normal post processing is from RAW images to use Photoshop CC, Bridge organization and Nik suite of applications. I start with 16 bit image use a noise reduction Nil define, then colors effects customized filter effects and or photoshop adjustments. In this image I brought out the varying layers of the green in the leafs and added a vignette to focus the eye toward the light. Most images it is about the light and the eye usually goes toward the light especially if there is a wide contrast in color or light dark.
In my camera bag
The smallest bag possible. It usually included my Nikon D600. two lens: 24-85mm and 70-300mm. Since my camera is full frame the size of the images are pretty close to accurate. I mention this as the small extra sensor space provides larger image files and also extra space to crop or correct image composition if needed when you are working in Photoshop. Plenty of lens wipes, sensor swabs and cleaning fluid, Lenspen important for small oil or nagging spots. I also have a plastic shower cap for wet weather, some gloves and a warm head cap.
Pre visit new places if possible and scout out the natural light and promising image locations. Look for unique light situations with people/s somewhere in the composition to enhance the impact of your composition. slightly underexposed images are ok if you can anticipate a future direction you are going for. Most importantly be well rested get up early and have a double cappuccino :-) Have fun!!!

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