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Behind The Lens

I took this photo from the river walk in Weehawken. I was staying overnight to take a boat ride up the Hudson for a fall foliage tour the next day.
I was determined to get a photo of the skyline at night. Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate. It was raining and very windy. Undeterred, I went out anyway, just after sundown, with umbrella and tripod in tow. I had to keep wiping off the lens and holding tight to the tripod so it didn't fly away.
My goal was to capture the reflections of the lights in the water. However, the strong winds made the water too choppy. To my surprise though, the clouds provided a beautiful, colorful, light show in the sky instead.
I took this photo with a Canon T7i, 18-55 lens. I tried several different long exposure settings on a tripod with a 2 second timer, but still had to hold on to the tripod to keep it from blowing away.
I've always loved the NYC Skyline. When I booked this boat ride up the Hudson I decided to stay in Weehawkin the night before so I could spend the day and evening photographing the view. Although the weather prediction was for all rain, I was fortunate to experience a mix of sun, beautiful clouds and fog. All of which made for more interesting shots.
I developed this raw photo in Lightroom. The dehaze really brought out the colors in the sky. I then worked on the hue and saturation of each color separately to get the look I wanted.
In my camera bag
Although I have enjoyed taking photos for many years, I have only recently started trying to take my photography to the next level. So I bought a new camera, Canon T7i. I always bring a tripod and a 75-300 zoom lens. I invested in several filters to play with that are always packed in my bag. I particularly like my neutral density filter when shooting long exposures.
Always be open minded. I looked at other photos online that were shot from the same location, before I went on my trip. This gave me some ideas of what I liked and didn't like. The conditions were not right for the photos I had in my mind. Rather than giving up I was able to discover other unique ways to capture the iconic skyline, which was my ultimate goal from the beginning.

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