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Blinds Shot

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Taken at home because I was bored.

Taken at home because I was bored.
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Behind The Lens


I took this photo at home, it was on a second floor window.


This was taken around mid-day, just after I came back from taking some other photos actually.


Rich, mellow lighting is good for this. It's often spotted around mid-day where I live.


I used my phone (Nokia 3.1), and a tri-pod with a mobile phone extension.


I quite liked the lighting leaking from the side of the window's blinds and decided to photograph it.


I don't normally do any post-processing with photos that I take, my most recent photos didn't need any editing at all. However my first uploaded photos on Viewbug did (as I wasn't as experienced in finding good photo opportunities).

In my camera bag

I normally have either a handheld tri-pod, or one that stands up on it's own (depending how stable I need the camera/phone to be). I often carry a small cloth so I can clean the lens on my phone/camera.


Position the camera to the right or the left of the blinds (depending on where the lighting is richer and more mellow). This photo might not need much editing, mine didn't need any. But if the photo is a bit dull: You could turn up the photo's saturation.

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