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Winter Award 2020
Superb Composition
VincentRoccoPhoto marijansuenj MrPicture broeckxnicolas Bermenas markmedia Adiewash +1
Peer Award
JohnSmall scouthunt2778 rueysung alef0 KevinGPhotography
Absolute Masterpiece
madhurarahalkar DenislavKM sharkbite34 winnerslens31
Outstanding Creativity
johanmilding flossiealuther DSDEA Visle
Top Choice
landscapesandquotes osleyperez
Magnificent Capture
ClaritaBethCanlasMiller Steve-n-Ning
Taoskitty PRO+
Taoskitty February 18, 2023
I am Alexander Graham a photographer and designer. I create unusual and unique photos 9187030475
Taoskitty PRO+
Taoskitty March 01, 2023
Hi I'm Alexander Graham a photographer and designer I am looking for to people needing commercial photography work for their business projects. My work is available for print or sale. Im looking to get into advertising and design I am available for print work or business needing print work or advertising work.
Taoskitty PRO+
Taoskitty March 01, 2023
I am available for hire
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