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Bird on deck

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Behind The Lens


This photo was taken on my front deck. The bird had flown into one of the windows and gotten a bit stunned from the impact. It needed a bit of a rest to recover.


My husband had been working outside on the property after lunch and alerted me to the little bird and how it was a photo opportunity as it was recovering on the deck.


This was taken on the north side of the house with a bit of diffused light giving it a bit of a softer feel.


I took the photo with my EOS R and with the native 24-105 mm lens attached. I was able to lay down very close in front of the bird as it was a bit too weak to still fly. It was advantageous to be able to do this while it was recovering and not have to set up tripods and create commotion to scare it prematurely.


This was an opportunistic photo. Bird falls on deck, husband provides the information, I grab available camera, assess the location and set up for a quick shoot.


I did very little post processing. The lighting and settings worked out as the bird stayed still for a long time.

In my camera bag

I usually have my EOS R, EOS R6 and my EOS 80D ready with lenses and batteries for when an opportunity might exist.


The only advice I can give to others is to take opportunities as they present themselves and also take lots of practice shots of whatever is around no matter how common/boring the subject material might be.

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