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Fall(ing) Coffee

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Veez October 23, 2020
Wow this is incredible
KarinSPhotography Platinum
KarinSPhotography October 23, 2020
Thank you :)
Veez October 23, 2020
I am attempting novice product photography and your images are so inspiring If you have any tips or ideas I am an open slate. Wow your work is phenomenal!!!
KarinSPhotography Platinum
KarinSPhotography October 25, 2020
Thank you so much Veez. Only tip I can give you is think outside the box and don't be afraid to make one photo out of more ( stacking ). It gives tons of possibilities!
Veez October 23, 2020
I make handmade products and decided to photograph them myself
Hood PRO+
Hood February 04, 2022
Great still life!
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Behind The Lens


I took this photo in my studio in Krimpen aan den IJssel, which is close to Rotterdam. I wanted to shoot a still live with a little Life in it. So i gathered some dried up leafs from the street and some dried up wood from the park. Poured me a cup of coffee and started shooting. The mug up straight looked a bit stiff so i put a small piece of cardboard underneath the back and shot it again.


It was around eleven in the morning on a rainy autumn day. I tend to do more studio work when the weather is bad.


I use Natural light when possible and sometimes add some daylight lamps. This was shot with two softboxes on either side


The camera I used was the canon Eos R with the RF 24-105 f/4 L IS USM at 1/50 sec f/4.0 iso 100 on tripod. No flash


I wanted to do a fall based food shot, inspired by several foodshots online with moving or floating parts.


I did. This photo is build from 4 photos, all in the same position with the same focal point. Each with me holding the leaves in a different position. I loaded them into Photoshop, aligned them, gave three a black mask and masked the leaves on each layer back in. After finishing I adjusted the colouring in camera raw.

In my camera bag

Nowadays, my canon r5, r7 and rf 100-500; the rf 35mm macro, the rf 24-105, the rf 85mm, the rf 28-240 and the Samyang rf 14mm wideangle lens. Off course my tripod, flash and ringflash. And don’t forget enough batteries for both camera and flash, a flashlight, a remote trigger, my iPad and a variety of nd glass.


Make a setup you like. Shoot examples using different lighting untill you are happy. Then make your final setup. Coffee does not need to be steaming hot ( unless you want steam ) take your base photo ( no leafs ) and then take extra same setting photos while holding props in the frame ( in this case leafs ). Use photoshop or similar to align and mask out/in what you want.

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