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Pjerry PRO+
Pjerry July 16, 2020
Great composition
CLG_ July 16, 2020
Fantastic composition and focus on the person!!
karensommerslohre PRO+
karensommerslohre July 16, 2020
Nice capture!
jdmarks64 Platinum
jdmarks64 July 16, 2020
Wow! Great Shot. It looks like a Edward Hopper painting. john
jessestarks July 16, 2020
Very harmonious scene
Cookies4U PRO+
Cookies4U July 16, 2020
wonderful composition! Where is this?
critique Platinum
critique July 16, 2020
Wonderful capture of simple shape, color, composition. Just enough included in the image to create the impression of space and give the focus on the figure. Real skill, great eye.
alexandercatedral July 16, 2020
Love this!
pattiwalteredgar PRO+
pattiwalteredgar July 16, 2020
Luisa---You do too...keep them coming!! Love the simplicity!
Joviaal PRO
Joviaal July 16, 2020
Something undecisive about this picture. I name it "Should I go back?"
Impressive photo.
Samborough PRO
Samborough July 16, 2020
Reminds me of a "Banksy".Great photo, love it.
martylengyel PRO
martylengyel July 16, 2020
Nice clicks , keep at it!
dillardtaylor July 16, 2020
The head of the standing figure looks a little creepy giving this photo a definite mysterious feel. The tilting flower pot on the sidewalk. I’m drawn to the windows above, especially the ones with the untended flower boxes. The picture echoes an undercurrent of quiet despair. I don’t see Edward Hopper at all. I think this is a GREAT picture! It may be in a category all its own. Makes me shiver a little and hard to catch a breath if I focus on it too long! Just WOW! Definitely a winner!!!
AlexPonomariov July 16, 2020
The man divede the canvas to part... looks like you can get 2 separate story.... IMHO Not good for you
ronwingham July 17, 2020
You are getting there! Cropping more dramatically the person with the Windows cut into just between lamppost and bin and just right of the post on right cutting into door! See the difference and thank you for your comments hope that works for you Ron w
donnaread July 17, 2020
Wonderful composition! Really sums up the world we live in right now.
beloved_8920 July 17, 2020
Nice building shot super style!
Brad-DoChara July 18, 2020
Step on a crack...break your momma's back :P
teambergie July 18, 2020
This is a good image as is; IMHO I think there is too much going many details to make the eye wander and the viewer wonder..."what's the subject?" The red pants on the person make the subject pop. Red is always used to do this. I would crop out everything to the sides of the background wall with the green lamps; top to bottom I would crop the top at the brick level.
anooh July 19, 2020
Great shot and composition
jackhall_9918 PRO+
jackhall_9918 July 19, 2020
I really like this photo! Something one of my critics said is- "If it does not add to the photo, get rid of it" With that thought in mind, I would crop out the light post on the left and the bike rack on the right. Love the person in red pants. Are they a "model: (in other words, put there by you), or did they just happen by? What is the location? Title could be "one day in...."
pukkamaru Ultimate
pukkamaru July 19, 2020
Love it !!
Unseeing July 19, 2020
Jeeves July 22, 2020
Love this !!
kcalpesh July 23, 2020
Awesome composition. Solitude captured so well.
geki Platinum
geki July 27, 2020
Nice city vibe
marvan July 28, 2020
This photo tells all sorts of stories. Well done!
Agirlandhercanon PRO
Agirlandhercanon August 02, 2020
I love that your photos are real rather than heavily photoshopped....there is honesty in your work.
alisonbomber Platinum
alisonbomber August 09, 2020
I Lik it, just as it is! Someone told me I needed to 'expand my photo, as in I Cropped 2 much!
msmay August 23, 2020
I would call a masterpiece into days world. Looks like a scene from New York, with everyone still stuck at home.
Roynon August 25, 2020
I love this picture.
Roynon August 25, 2020
I like the fact that your wotk is not photoshopped or covered with filters, it show the real image which is how it was captured. Well done
constanzatellechea August 25, 2020
Love the stillness of this one, great job!👏👏👏
alaroque August 27, 2020
Great capture!
Lady_Teague September 06, 2020
Excellent shot! You could spin a couple of short stories from the imagery.
juandelblanco September 12, 2020
Wow, i love this photo, just incredible ♥️
Dejayash September 17, 2020
This photo says a lot of how times are right now .Empty sidewalk and road with just one single person standing there.Great capture of life now.
larisasiverina September 24, 2020
Beautiful photo)
imdadlashari September 29, 2020
Amazing like a Pro
sbastilopez-massoni October 21, 2020
Brillant composition
MML1313 December 23, 2020
I love this picture. Try turning it black and white.
ronclarke72 March 25, 2021
Very artistic
stefan June 18, 2021
I like this shot.
Twiztidninja88 June 27, 2021
Something about this, just gives me a calming vibe, not sure why!!
SirEipperle June 28, 2021
Reminds me of downtown Marshalltown
Red pants! Score! Really Great overall shot
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